Someday I will build a house house

There are many types of owner built homes. I dream of building myself one someday. My favorite is stone but there are straw, cordword and even paper.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Straw bale houses

Straw bale houses look easy to construct and look nice too.

There are a lot of books about straw bale houses. I think that would be a good option if I lived in a place where there were not lots of rocks. Has anyone else noticed that there are none of those small rectangular bales anymore in the fields? They are all those huge round bales. I wonder if it is increasingly hard to find the small bales to build a house? I haven't seen this problem addressed anywhere. If farmers aren't using those old balers, they will disappear.

Here's an article from Mother Earth News. Has anyone noticed that on the Mother Earth News website you can't find old articles, but they come on google searches?


  • At 8/26/2006 7:42 PM, Anonymous drh said…

    Here's the link to the Mother Earth News archives. The archive goes back to 1970...many hours worth of reading materials :)


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